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Flyer Information for LDRSĀ 38
This page will be the "Mission Data Center" for LDRS 38 Flyers, including details about what, where and when things will take place during the weekend. Check back here periodically for updates as LDRS 38 draws near.

Click Here for Registered Flyers list.  

Please, no fireworks or firearms are permitted at LDRS 38 or any other KLOUDBusters launches. In deference to our landowner and surrounding residents, please leave these items at home.

FAA Waiver for LDRS 38
The waiver for the duration of LDRS 38 will be 50,000' AGL. Extended altitude arrangements above 23,000' up to 50,000' must be made with prior approval from the KLOUDBusters BOD. These approvals must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the launch. The form for KLOUDBusters BoD approvals may be found at KLOUDBusters HiAlt Application (MS-Word Document).

Range Hours at LDRS 38
The daily waiver hours for LDRS 38 are:

--------Day-------- Open Close
Thursday 29Aug-2019   12:00PM  -    6:00PM
Friday 30Aug-2019   9:00AM  -    6:00PM
Saturday 31Aug-2019   9:00AM  -    6:00PM
Sunday 01Sep-2019   9:00AM  -    6:00PM
Monday 02Sep-2019   9:00AM  -    2:00PM

Aluminum Rockets at Argonia
Rockets launched at Argonia may not be constructed of all aluminum or any other metals. Aluminum fin cans or nose cones will be permitted only if required to ensure structural integrity of the rocket during a high-performance launch. Absolutely no aluminum airframes or fins attached directly to motor cases will be permitted under any circumstances. Please contact the KLOUDBusters prefect for further details.

KLOUDBusters Multi-Stage Rules
KLOUDBusters has specific restrictions implemented for multi-stage rockets flown at Argonia. Please refer to the KLOUDBusters Rules for Multi-Staged Rockets

FAA Class 3 Rockets at LDRS 38
A Class 3 rocket is defined as any amateur rocket propelled by a motor (or motors) totaling more than 40,960 Newton-seconds (a “P” motor or greater). All FAA Class 3 approvals are the responsibility of the individual flyer/team to submit and obtain approval. More information on filing for a FAA Class 3 waiver may be found here.  Flyers must inform the Launch Director by June 1, 2019 if you intend to launch a Class 3 rocket.

Flyer Registration for LDRS 38
All High Power flyers must register for LDRS 38. Discount Pre-Registration may be accomplished via the LDRS 38 web-site. Adult G-and-Under Flyers must register (on-site only) but need not pay launch fees. Youth flyers (under 18 years of age) may launch model rockets; youth model rocket flyer registration is not required.

Concessions at LDRS 38
There will be on-site vendors for a wide variety of food items and drinks. We will have bagged ice for sale on-site at LDRS 38.

Tripoli Research Launch Days
The current TRA Research Safety Code makes it possible for adult TRA and NAR to fly during LDRS 38.

All launch days of LDRS 38 will be conducted under the Tripoli Research Safety Code. All flyers 18 years of age or older launching rockets must be Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) members or National Association of Rocketry (NAR) members. There will be a Model Rocket Range set-up for under 18 model rocket flyers and eligible named-insured sponsor adult flyers. Eligible TRA member flyers may fly Research and/or commercially certified motors per the Tripoli Research safety code. TRA Certification flights are permitted on TRA Research days using Commercial motors. NAR members seeking certification sign-off at LDRS 38 are responsible for making their own certification authority arrangements.

All adult flyers must register as flyers for all launch days of LDRS 38. The Tripoli Research Safety Code prohibits access to the motor/rocket preparation areas and the launch site (pad area) by spectators and invited guests who are not members of TRA or NAR. Invited guests may be in the motor/rocket preparation areas but may not be present at the launch site (pad area) unless they are TRA or NAR members. That is, everyone on the range must be a Registered LDRS 38 flyer and a TRA or NAR member during LDRS 38 - no children or non-member guests may go out to the High Power range area to recover rockets until the LCO announces the High Power range to be Clear and Safe.

Youth participants in the Tripoli Mentoring Program (TMP) may access the high-power range within the stipulations of that program. Youth 12-17 and their Adult Mentor should refer to the TRA TMP program guidelines here:  Link to TMP Overview

All restrictions codified in the Tripoli Research Safety Code will be enforced at LDRS 38. In order to accomplish this, all adult flyers must display their LDRS 38 Flyer's Badge. Non-member, non-registered people will not be permitted access to the flight line (i.e. east of the orange safety fence and outside the Model Rocket Area) during launch operations.

Argonia Rocket Pasture
KLOUDBusters have enjoyed the use of one of the premier Launch Sites in the Heartland of the U.S.A. for over 20 years. This site has hosted Tripoli's national launch LDRS 6 times, which is the most of any launch site in the world. The surrounding area is primarily crop land with a few areas of cattle grazing range. The countryside is quite wide open for several miles with mostly unimproved roads cutting the landscape into one square mile chunks. Most all of the surrounding crop land is usually used to grow winter wheat (Sumner County is the #1 wheat producing county in the USA. Occasionally, the farmers rotate the wheat crop with soybeans or milo (feed grain). All this adds up to a great place to launch and recover rockets.

The KLOUDBusters Launch Control System (LCS) has the capability to service a large number of pads from its main Command box. There will be banks of 8 pads set at safe distances for the various motor classes. Additionally, remote launch services will be available for extreme projects at the required safe distances.

Special Launch Requirements and Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
There will be all popular sizes of launch rods and rails available at each pad bank. Projects with special equipment needs should contact The Prefect to determine availability.

There will not be GSE provided for Hybrid launch operations. All Hybrid GSE must be provided by flyer(s) wishing to launch Hybrid motors and you must contact the Prefect in advance for instructions regarding placement of user-provided Hybrid GSE.

Projects with unique pad requirements or extreme weight requirements (in excess of ~200 lbs.) must contact the Prefect in advance regarding the pad requirements for your project or placement of your personally-owned equipment.

Without exception, LDRS 38 high-power Flyers must bring the following pieces of identification:

  • Positive Photo ID
  • Active TRA or NAR membership card --OR--
  • Other Certification level documentation if different from the membership card.
These items are required to verify each flyer's identity when picking-up their Flyers Packet and Badge. Certification level will be indicated on the Flyer's Badge and motor limits will be strictly adhered to during LDRS 38.

Flyers Briefings will be announced when and if needed.

Click Here for a .PNG map to the Argonia rocket Pasture.

Click Here for an Acrobat map to the Argonia rocket Pasture.

Click Here for an aerial view of the Argonia rocket Pasture.
This photo was taken from a Tom Savoie rocket.

Click Here for the Argonia Weather forecast.

Upcoming Events
KLOUDBusters launch schedule is ON HOLD
due to TRA BoD COVID19 action
---Break For Wheat---
Thank you Farmers!!!

All KLOUDBusters launches are conducted under the TRA Research Safety Code. Details available on the Launch Schedule page.
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KLOUDBusters has hosted LDRS at our Argonia, KS launch site: 1993, 1994, 1999, 2003, 2008, & 2011.
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